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433Mhz RF sender og  mottaker for Arduino ARM MCU Wireless
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X9C104 Digital Potentiometer Modul

X9C104 Digital Potentiometer Modul
X9C104 Digital Potentiometer Modul
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X9C104 Digital Potentiometer Modul

     Among various kinds of bridge circuit, in order to adjust the bridge balance, must to repeatedly adjust potentiometer, can make a bridge to balance, in use process, when the potentiometer is vibration, shock, temperature, humidity and so on the external environment factors, the location of the potentiometer and parameters will be changed, the system pointer to change, to make the system achieve the original state, must be adjusted, it caused a lot of inconvenience for use, therefore, in the bridge arm of the circuit using array potentiometer and digital technology, not only overcome the above shortcomings, can also greatly improve the precision of the system.
     X9C104 is 100 order digital potentiometer, specific X9C102/103/104/503 series, resistance range of 40 r ~ 100 k, X9C104 internal resistance array consists of 99, in between each unit and two endpoints are the sliding unit tapping point, the position of the sliding unit by CS, U/D and INC three input control, but the location is selected, can be stored in a non-volatile memory, after the next to electricity to call.

Functional features
The change of digital potentiometer are stepwise or incremental, resistance changes linearly.

DWM-X9C104, for example, resistance range r 40 ~ 100 k, which is divided into 100 order, the increment of each tapping point as 1010 r.

Temperature compensation function: the resistance of the error between the endpoint: + / - 20%;
Sliding end position data can be preserved for a long time, time of 100 years;
Resistance high resolution: 1%.
The performance parameters:
Working voltage (V) : 5
The total value (k Ω) : 100
The terminal voltage (V) : - 5 ~ 5
Tap the number: 100
Interface: CS and U/D, INC
Mode of resistance increase: linear
Working current (mA) : 3
Encapsulation/temperature (℃) : 8 soic / - 40 ~ 85
Position description: tap off electricity automatically saved

Model DWM-X9C104
Quantity 1Piece
Color Blue
Material Copper clad laminate + eletronic components
English Manual / Spec Yes
Download Link http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dDvtHOP


Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions 0.59 in x 0.59 in x 0.16 in (1.5 cm x 1.5 cm x 0.4 cm)
Weight 0.18 oz (5 g)

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